Thursday Afternoon Visits: March 5
A Public Information Campaign for Read-Aloud

Share a Story - Shape a Future!

ShareAStoryLogo-color The Share a Story - Shape a Future literacy blog tour starts tomorrow (Monday). Thanks to Elizabeth O. Dulemba for the lovely graphic, and to Elizabeth, Terry Doherty, Sarah Mulhern, Susan Stephenson, and Eva Mitnick for hosting this week-long celebration of raising readers. Here's a brief snippet from the full announcement:

"This is an ensemble effort not only to celebrate reading among those of us who already love books, but to encourage each other to reach beyond ourselves and do it in a way that we are neither judging nor instructing others. This is a venue for communicating practical, useable, everyday ideas. The event begins March 9, 2009 and lasts one week. Each day we will have a group of bloggers sharing ideas around a specific theme." 

You can find the full schedule here.

And in fact, the excitement has already begun. Donalyn Miller (The Book Whisper) has a post up today about Engaging Gifted Readers. She discusses recognizing gifted readers, keeping them engaged, and providing appropriate reading material for kids who read above their grade level. She also has some great recommendations, with categories like "ambiguous endings" and "gifted protagonists". Head on over and share your thoughts!

I think that Donalyn's post highlights the scope of the Share a Story - Shape a Future effort. We're not just talking about reluctant readers, or just talking about read-aloud. Instead, we'll be discussing a broad spectrum of issues related to keeping kids, as many kids as possible, excited about books. This is a blog tour that I think will really make a difference!

I'll have a post up myself first thing tomorrow morning about the possibility of a public information campaign for read-aloud. And I'll be reporting all week on the various initiative from around the Share a Story - Shape a Future universe. Stay tuned! It's going to be great.