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MotherReader's 48 Hour Book Challenge!

48hbc Popping in to make sure that you all know about MotherReader's upcoming 48 Hour Book Challenge. Amazingly enough, this is the fourth annual challenge. I participated in number 1 and number 3, and have cleared my schedule for number 4, the weekend of June 5-7.

The 48 Hour Book Challenge is a lot of fun. The basic idea is that you pick a 48-hour time period over the weekend, and try to spend as much time reading as possible during that period. You blog about the books that you've read (though the blogging can be brief). There are prizes for most time spent, most books read, etc. But for me, the valauble thing about the challenge is that it gives me permission to prioritize reading over everything else for 2 days. I've definitely been feeling lately like other commitments (including other blogging commitments) are keeping me from reading as much as I would like. So I'm really looking forward to the weekend of June 5-7.

You can find more details at MotherReader. You can comment there to announce your intention of particpating, too. I highly recommend it!