Children's Literacy Round-Up: May 11
Growing Bookworms Newsletter: Children's Book Week Edition

New Booklights Post about Rick Riordan Signing

JenwithRickRiordan I have a new post up this morning at Booklights in which I describe this weekend's author event by Rick Riordan at Kepler's Books. The photo to the left is actually from last year's event at Hicklebee's. That event was a bit less hectic (though it seemed plenty busy at the time), and I was able to get a photo. This year, with this being the final book of the Percy Jackson series, and the Lightning Thief movie in progress, well, let's just say that I couldn't get another picture with Rick. I do have a few pictures of the event, though, if you'd like to click through to see.

Booklights I also have have brand new information (in the Booklights post) about a completely different series that Rick is launching next spring... I'll have a review of The Last Olympian here soon - I read it in one sitting yesterday.