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Outdoor Reading

IMGP4453 I hope that you've all had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend. I'm just wrapping up some vacation time in Hawaii, but I do have a new post up today at Booklights that I think is particularly apt for this summer-celebration holiday. It's about the joys of reading outdoors in a beautiful location. Here's an excerpt:

"What the most memorable of my childhood reading spots have in common, I realize now, is that they are all out of doors. It's been quite a while since I climbed up into a tree to read. But reading out of doors, particularly in some scenic location, remains one of my greatest joys. I'll go a step further, and say that it's how I recharge, how I heal myself, how I do what I love while remaining connected to the world."

The photo above is of my most recent tranquil reading spot. Technically, I was indoors, but I was in front of a huge open window (no glass) onto the beach. That photo is taken from my chair. The spa called it the Tranquility Room, but I call it the Magic Room. I was able to spend about 40 minutes reading there on Saturday, between having a massage and going to a luau (with thanks to Mheir for letting me sit there and read, while he waited in line for the luau). The whole thing was a rejuvenating experience. Vacation is a happy thing!

Haiku Also this week, I drove by a town that I thought some of you might appreciate. Did you know that Maui has a town called Haiku? It's true. See proof to the left. Let's call this an early Poetry Friday post, in honor of Haiku, Hawaii.

Right now I have 958 unread posts in my Google Reader, and a ton of unread email. I wrote one review this week, but I haven't had time to format it into a blog post. I do hope to get back up to speed over the course of the week. Happy summer, all! And please do stop by and check out my Booklights post on outdoor reading. I'd love to hear about your favorite outdoor reading locations.