Children's Literacy Round-Up: June 15
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Books Now Available: Closed for the Season

Closed for the SeasonBack in April, I reviewed Mary Downing Hahn's 30th novel, Closed for the Season, a middle grade mystery set in an abandoned amusement park. I said:

"Closed for the Season is a straight-up mystery, without the supernatural trappings found in many of Hahn's other books. Hahn has a real knack, however, for depicting kid-friendly settings and plots, and for quick, insightful descriptions of people and places... (The) combination of realistic interpersonal dynamics with atmospheric, suspenseful mystery is sure to please kids. Especially those kids who aren't athletes, and have been known to spend an afternoon or two in the local library."

Closed for the Season is scheduled for publication today. Middle grade mystery fans won't be able to resist this one.