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Revenge of the Spellmans: Lisa Lutz

MotherReader's 48 Hour Book Challenge - The Starting Line

48hbc I'm getting ready to begin my participation in MotherReader's 4th Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge (reading as much as possible during a 48-hour period). My schedule is cleared and my inbox is empty. I have vast amounts of Thai take-out waiting to be reheated, and plenty of chocolate. I have a list of candidate books, and I've even prepared stub posts for them, so that I don't have to waste good reading time on that (blogging time counts for the challenge, but I still want to read as much as possible). I'm going to start with the last 120 pages of my current read, Revenge of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz, and move on from there. In a change this year (see rules here), the contest is based on only time spent reading and blogging about the books, and not on the number of books completed. I like this change a lot, because it means that I can do things like finish a previously started book, and read fewer, longer books, etc.

I've also decided that for this year, since I didn't win anything in the Bridget Zinn auction (I was out-bid by people who really, really wanted the things that I wanted), I'm going to donate $3 to the fund for Bridget for each hour that I spend on the challenge. For me, this is a way to make this challenge even more than usual about the fabulous community that is the Kidlitosphere. Thanks, Pam!

My official start time is 1:40 pm PST on Friday afternoon.