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Growing Bookworms Newsletter: July 22

Jpg_book007Today I will be sending out the new issue of the Growing Bookworms email newsletter. (If you would like to subscribe, you can find a sign-up form here.) The Growing Bookworms newsletter contains content from my blog focused on children's books and raising readers. There are currently 843 subscribers. 

Newsletter Update: In this issue, I have two book reviews, two posts with Kidlitosphere news, two children's literacy round-ups (one here and one at The Reading Tub), and an installment of my recurring Reviews that Made Me Want the Book feature. I also have an announcement about the finalists for a new book award from The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents. Not included in the newsletter, I have: a two-part post about series books featuring strong girl heroines over at Booklights (part 1 and part 2).

Reading Update: In the past two weeks, I took a bit of a blog break, mostly reading books that I didn't feel like I would have to review. I read:

  • Janet Evanovich: Finger Lickin' Fifteen (Stephanie Plum novels). St. Martins Press. Completed July 7, 2009, on MP3. I love listening to these books, I really do. This one is no exception.
  • Laura Lippman: Life Sentences. William Morrow. Completed July 7, 2009. I thought that Lippman had some brilliant insights and interesting characters, but overall I found this standalone novel a bit disappointing. I was frustrated by a significant plot point left dangling, and found the parts of the plot that were resolved a bit anti-climactic. But most people loved it (including Lenore).
  • John Hart: The Last Child. Minotaur Books. Completed July 9, 2009. Quite compelling. I read this in two sittings, and spent time thinking about it afterwards. Standalone thriller/mystery about a 13-year-old boy looking in dark places for his missing twin sister.
  • Craig Johnson: Death Without Company. Penguin. Completed July 13, 2009. Second book of a really smart series about a stubborn and realistically flawed Wyoming sheriff. Excellent characterization and plotting.
  • Craig Johnson: Kindness Goes Unpunished. Penguin. Completed July 21, 2009. Third book of above series - even better than the second.
  • Charlie Higson: Double or Die (The Young James Bond, Book 3). Hyperion Books. Completed July 17, 2009. These books are pure fun, and recommended for early teen readers, especially boys.
  • Pam Bachorz: Candor. Egmont. Completed July 19, 2009. Review to come, closer to publication (very interesting book!).

How about you? What have you been reading and enjoying? Thanks for reading, and for growing bookworms!