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Children's Literacy Round-Up: October 12

Jpg_book008 This week’s children’s literacy and reading news round-up, brought to you by Jen Robinson’s Book Page and Scrub-a-Dub-Tub, a Reading Tub blog, is now available at the Reading Tub. This week Terry Doherty and I have collected plenty of content for you about literacy & reading-related events; literacy and reading programs and research; 21st century literacies; and grants, sponsorships & donations.

Terry_readingtubfinal_1I especially liked this quote from Bill Cosby (in a School Library Journal article by Lauren Barack): "I said that there’s a building, usually one in particular and it sits downtown somewhere, and it’s called the public library. And when you go in there, this place can be as exciting as any football stadium, basketball stadium, hockey arena, baseball stadium. Packed to the gills". I was also happy to learn from the NCFL that National Family Literacy Day is November 1st. But really - you should click through to the full round-up, if you have the time. Terry has links from the Choice Literacy Newsletter, Parade Magazine, and everywhere in between.

I also have a new post available at Booklights today, with resources collected for a panel session at next weekend's Kidlitosphere Conference (Coming Together, Reaching Out, Giving Back: Building Community, Literacy and the Reading Message).

As Terry and I will both be attending KidLitCon next weekend, we'll be taking a week off from the literacy round-up, but will be back with more literacy and reading news for you on the 26th. We're also sure to be sharing tidbits in the meantime in our Between the Roundups widget and on Twitter.