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Growing Bookworms Newsletter: January 5

Kidlitosphere Comment Challenge 2010: Don't Miss It!

Starting this Friday, January 8th, MotherReader and Lee Wind will be hosting Comment Challenge 2010. This will be the second annual cross-blog event focused on increasing commenting and building community across the Kidlitosphere. Pam says:

"What if I told you that for the cost of a few extra minutes a day, you can boost your blog readership, foster a feeling of connection, and make someone’s day? Does that sound like something you might be interested in?"

Lee says:

"The last Comment Challenge was a big success, comments were up all over the kidlitosphere, and it really built a sense of community for everyone who participated - and we learned some great lessons"

Participation is simple. Just leave a comment on five kidlit blogs during each of 21 days. A prize will be awarded among those who reach 100 comments.

I participated last year. I found it a great way to strengthen ties with other bloggers and get a better sense of who is reading my blog. It definitely helped in encouraging me to leave more comments on other blogs, during and after the challenge. But, as with many good habits, I've backslid a bit over time, especially given the holiday season. The Comment Challenge 2010 comes at what I think is the perfect time to refresh and reconnect, the start of the new year. I hope that many of you will participate!

And although Pam and Lee seem fairly focused on bloggers leaving comments on one another's blogs (this is the sort of thing that makes us a community, after all), it seems to me that readers who don't necessarily have blogs of their own could participate, too. If you read KidLit blogs, you could take this as an opportunity to start commenting more. You might even find, as you get used to sharing your thoughts on various topics, that this will inspire you to start your own blog. But if nothing else, you can give a little bit back to the blogs that you read and value, by taking time to let the bloggers know that you are tuning in.

Comment Challenge 2010. I'm in, Pam and Lee.

[Hmm, would it work for me to hold off on reading the 500 unread posts in my Google Reader, sure to be close to 1000 by Friday, and just leave 100 comments over the weekend? Surely 1 in 10 posts will be comment-worthy... But no, that doesn't seem to be a good way to build a habit of commenting more regularly, does it? ;-) ]