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Share a Story - Shape a Future: Day 2: Creative Literacy

It_takes_a_village_2 Today is Day 2 of the Share a Story - Shape a Future literacy blog tour. Today's host (and creator of the logo to the left) is Susan Stephenson from The Book Chook, talking about Literacy My Way, Literacy Your Way. Susan explains:

"Even though our theme was It Takes a Village to Raise a Reader, I wanted to make sure we also emphasized non-traditional forms of literacy. You see, I don't just equate literacy with reading. I believe it encompasses a range of activities and skills, all of which contribute to a child becoming literate. I hoped writers would send me articles about ebooks, storytelling, writing, multimedia, music, technology - as well as describe ways to adapt reading for individual children."

Susan's guests talk about everything from storytelling (traditional and multimedia) to reading-related activities (like pictures and puzzles). You can find direct links to all of today's post at The Book Chook or at the main Share a Story site. There's a lot of great stuff, well worth a look!

And here are the writing prompts for Day 2:

  • Does your child enjoy writing? How can we link reading and writing in ways that will motivate kids?
  • What is your favourite book to screen adaptation?
  • Do you or your child have a story that you like to "act out"? What is the story? and who are the role players?

If any of these spark your imagination, you can write a post about them and link it from the Share a Story page. You can also link to older posts, if you have already written something on one of these topics. The writing prompts are a way to include more people in the week-long celebration of reading and literacy that is Share a Story - Shape a Future. I hope that some of you will participate!

Happy reading!