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Share a Story - Shape a Future: Day 4: Old Favorites, New Classics

It-takes-a-village-pink Today is Day 4 of the Share a Story - Shape a Future literacy blog tour. Today's host is Donalyn Miller from The Book Whisperer, talking about balancing old classics and new favorites on the quest to hook today's kids on reading. [Share a Story logo to the left created by Susan Stephenson using]. Donalyn says:

"Like the other esteemed bloggers this week, today's contributors represent people who work each day to connect children with great books--teachers, librarians, parents, grandparents, book reviewers, and presenters.

We have been readers since childhood, you see. Someone special shared a story with us once, and shaped our futures as lifelong readers.

Through our posts, we will reminisce about cherished childhood classics and reading experiences, and share newer books that might be classics someday."

Donalyn's contributors ask readers to share favorite childhood books, and favorite first lines from books, as well as suggesting new titles and new methods for reading with today's kids. There's even a post about my favorite sub-genre, Dystopian Science Fiction, from author and teacher Kate Messner. But I hope that you'll clilck through to read all of the posts that Book Whisperer Donalyn has lovingly collected for today.

Back at the Share a Story site, today's writing prompt questions are:

  • Is there a book from your childhood that you didn't like "back then," but that you've since re-read and liked? What was it about the book that you didn't like before?
  • Do you have a favorite chapter book for reading with kids of different ages (e.g., 4, 9, 13)?
  • What book(s) has your child recommended to you that you loved?

I hope that some of you will choose to share your responses to this questions, or the ones from earlier in the week. Me, I'm off to read and comment on today's posts, and put some finishing touches on my introductory post for tomorrow. I'll be hosting Share a Story - Shape a Future: Day 5: Reading for the Next Generation. Happy reading!