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Writing Prompts for Share a Story - Shape a Future: Day 1

It-takes-a-village-pink As part of this week's Share a Story - Shape a Future literacy blog tour, Terry Doherty is posting daily questions that give people the chance to write about reading. The idea is that anyone who has a blog, and an interest in building a community of readers, can participate by responding to the questions and then linking to your post from the Share a Story site. (No self-promotion or pitches, of course). You can find more details here. [Image credit: Logo created by Susan Stephenson using]

Here are today's questions, and my quick responses:

What is the book from your childhood you can't wait to share with a child and why? 

This is a tough question, because I can think of a lot of books that I'd like to share with a child. However, I'm going to go with A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I feel like this book helped shape the values that I have today, as well as my love of books. And I adore the Tasha Tudor illustrations!

Who is the person who influenced you most as a reader? 

I'd have to say my Mom. She was a reader herself, so our house always had lots of books. She took me to the library and to bookstores, and always encouraged me as a reader. She still sends me books today. Honorable mentions to go my Dad, who I know read to me when I was little (I don't remember this very well, but there are pictures), and to my Grandma Robinson, who was a huge bookworm, and a part-time librarian.

Do you have any special reading-time rituals for reading aloud with kids?

Our daughter isn't actually born yet (see this post), but my husband and I do have a couple of rituals that we're following during my pregnancy. Whenever I'm reading a picture book for potential blog review these days (and I have a whole shelf to get through over the next couple of months), I read it aloud. I find that this actually helps me in assessing the book, and of course it's good practice for reading aloud after the baby is born. And every night, schedule permitting, my husband reads a picture book or two aloud, so that the baby has a chance to get used to his voice reading to her, too. I'm also following Susan's advice from Booklights, and keeping a journal of all of the books that we're reading to her.

And speaking of reading aloud to kids, please consider voting for the Read to Kids campaign at Ideas for Change. The top 10 ideas will be presented to the President. Voting for Read to Kids is a quick and easy way to take action in support of raising a new generation of readers.

If any of these questions inspired you to respond, just read this post at Share a Story - Shape a Future, and follow the directions for participating. Thanks for stopping by!