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Books Now Available: this world we live in

Thisworld Back in December I reviewed this world we live in, the third book in Susan Beth Pfeffer's dystopian series (after Life As We Knew It and the dead & the gone). I said:

Like the other two books in this series, this world we live in is a book that made me appreciate the things that I have. Right after finishing the book, I sat down and ate some cut-up fresh fruit and leftover macaroni & cheese. And I thought "oh, how Miranda would go crazy for this." this world we live in is also a book that made me think. I found myself lying in bed last night musing, "OK, but what's going to happen next? What will happen when society completely runs out of food from before the change in the moon? If you can't grow any food, because you have no sunlight, how can humanity continue at all?"

That's what makes this world we live in such a powerful book. The issues are compelling enough to evoke questions, while the characters are real enough to make the story resonate on a personal level. Of course, these attributes make it an excellent book for young  adult readers, too.

this world we live in is scheduled for publication today. Great news for dystopia fans! Don't miss it!