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Quick Baby Bookworm Update

Just a quick update on Baby Bookworm (and me), for those following along at home:

  • Baby Bookworm is 3 months old now, 3 weeks past her original due date, and doing well. She's gaining weight all the time, and starting to focus more on her surroundings. She still likes baby books with black and white images, or pictures of babies. She's also endlessly fascinated by the window blinds, and the challenge of turning herself over from stomach to back. If only she would be fascinated by sleeping...
  • We just finished reading her third chapter book, Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild. Personally (to answer the question posed at the end of the book), I most wanted to be Petrova when I was a kid. How about you all? 
  • We took some breaks in between reading Ballet Shoes to read various other picture books, too many to list right now (though I'm keeping all of the books, so I'll probably come up with a list at some point). Next up I'm planning on reading the first Harry Potter book (copying my sister-in-law's plan to read HP1 to my five month old niece).
  • I'm also teaching the baby about baseball. I don't let her watch the TV, but I'll have the games on in the background, and I explain things to her. I figure it's good for her to hear me talking about pretty much anything, and I can start training her to be a Red Sox fan. Plus baseball is good for talking about math, as she gets older.

While I hope to get back to blogging for real one of these days, I'm actually in the process of moving, and that's set my schedule back a bit. [And yes, that's a crazy thing to do while caring for an infant who requires near-constant care, when both parents are also working. But this is when the house we wanted to buy came available, and we couldn't pass it up. It's our first house.] Hopefully next month sometime.

I'm grateful to Terry Doherty and Carol Rasco for keeping Children's Literacy Roundups going in the meantime (and for Carol's lovely Happy 3-Month Birthday post in honor of BB), and I miss reading all of the other Kidlitosphere blogs. I did have a neat blog thing happen this weekend that I can't resist sharing. I heard from Rosanne Parry that my review of Heart of a Shepherd is quoted on the inside cover of the newly arriving paperback edition of the book, along with quotes from Patricia Reilly Giff, the Horn Book and the Washington Post. I haven't seen this edition yet, but the news still made my day. And made me that much more motivated to get back to reviewing. Stay tuned...