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Baby Bookworm Reading Update for August

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. In addition to caring for Baby Bookworm, we moved in late July, and I'm working, and things have been pretty crazy. Anyway, BB is now 4 1/2 months old (2 months "corrected age"), and doing well. She weighed a little over 11 pounds at her last doctor's appointment, and is sleeping in her own crib (though still with considerable monitoring from Mom and Dad). She stayed in her crib for 8 hours in a row one night, but promptly backslid. Still, we're hopeful that one day Mheir and I will be able to get more than 5 hours of sleep a night.

AnimalfacesBaby Bookworm's favorite books, far and away, are from the Begin Smart series. She's enjoyed Begin Smart Baby Faces for quite some time (thanks, California Kims!) - she seems to be trying to talk to her friends in the pictures. She recently received Begin Smart Animal Faces as a gift (thanks, Ken and Heather!), and she LOVES that one. She seems to especially like the monkey - he always makes her laugh. There's a little animal/rattle attached to the top of the book, and it's the first toy she's actively reached for.

Needless to say (to those who know me), this success prompted me to go online and order more books from the series. I'll report back. I think that the animal faces are stylized enough that she can see them well. And they're apparently humorous to her. I have to say these Begin Smart people know what they're doing. I never thought that I'd so happily spend time reading and re-reading a book with no story at all, for the sheer joy of seeing BB laugh and try to talk.

Humpty I'm also enjoying a book that my friend Kathy M. sent us: Humpty Who?: Crib Sheets for the Nursery for Clueless Moms and Dads, by Jennifer Griffin (book with CD from Workman). It's a little book containing the text of 80 nursery rhymes and songs for kids, along with (in many cases) derivations and suggestions for performing the piece. There's also a CD with sing-along version of 35 of the rhymes. I'm finding it valuable because I have all these scraps of songs in my head, and I want to know the rest. And Griffin did a great job, because everything I've wondered about so far I've been able to find in the book.

Otherwise, we're reading various board books and picture books as the mood strikes. I'm still reading the first Harry Potter book aloud to BB, and enjoying that (I sometimes catch Mheir listening in the background, too - we both love the story). I think that the first Penderwicks book may be up next, but we still have a ways to go, so I'm not sure.

As for myself, I generally only have a few minutes to read at night before crashing into sleep, but I just finished Lauren Henderson's second Scarlett Wakefield book, Kisses and Lies. Not sure when I'll get to a full review, so I'll say for now that I enjoyed finding the conclusion to the murder mystery left at the end of book 1 (reviewed here). I like Scarlett a lot. She's a gymnast, and uses her physical abilities to get herself out of a few tight spots, which I find refreshing in a non-fantasy YA novel. And I liked the feel of Kisses and Lies, much of which takes place at a spooky castle in Scotland. It's like an updated version of an old Phyllis Whitney YA novel (and I mean that in the best possible way). I'm going to read book 3, Kiss in the Dark, next.

I've also been listening to a variety of books on audio, at times when I have my hands free. More details in the next update. I believe that my window of quiet is drawing to a close...

Hope that all of you are well, and that I can get back to more regular posting soon.