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KidLitCon 2010 - Time to Register

Stonearch I shared the news a while back that the fourth annual conference of children's and young adult book bloggers had been announced. I'm following up now to let you all know that it's time to register for KidLitCon 2010. KidLitCon will be held on October 23rd at Open Book in Minneapolis. The registration fee is a quite reasonable $45. The conference rate for the designated hotel is $109/night, and includes shuttle service to and from the conference. You can find more details here. This year's conference is being organized by "three kidlit editors (Andrew Karre--Carolrhoda, Ben Barnhart--Milkweed, Brian Farrey--Flux)".

I've said this many times, and I'll say it again now. If you blog about children's or young adult books, or you write children's or young adult books, you really should think about attending KidLitCon. It's a relatively small conference (past conferences have had ~100 participants), which makes it easy to get to know people. It's a welcoming environment for introverts. The discussion schedule for this year hasn't been announced, but I'm sure that you'll find focused sessions on topics related to blogging and children's literature. 

For me, the reason to attend isn't the sessions per se (though I'm sure that I'll glean some useful ideas to recharge my blog). And it isn't the free books and goodies (though there are bound to be a few). I'm going to KidLitCon because I don't want to miss this annual opportunity to spend time with my blogging friends in person. The best thing about being part of the Kidlitosphere, to me, is being part of the amazing community of people who care about kids and reading. KidLitCon offers the chance to hang out with some of those people, in a relaxed, conversation-friendly environment.

That's right. Even though my blog has been largely on hiatus these past few months; even though I'll have a six-month old ex-preemie baby at home, and I'll be leaving her for the first time (with her wonderful Daddy); and even though it's going to be pricy to fly to Minneapolis from California in October - I'm going to KidLitCon. Who's with me?

Updated to add: see other reasons to attend from Liz Burns at Tea Cozy.