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Happy International Literacy Day, and a Literacy Milestone at Home

End-of-Summer Children's Literacy Round-Up

Jpg_book008 This month’s children’s literacy and reading news round-up, normally brought to you by Jen Robinson’s Book Page and Scrub-a-Dub-Tub, a Reading Tub blog, is now available at Rasco from RIF. Carol Rasco has been generously filling in for me these past few months, since Baby Bookworm was born. I'm hoping to get back to the round-ups soon (I have already been sharing a few things on Twitter), though I think it will be tough to fill Carol's shoes. Anyway, Carol and Terry Doherty have collected plenty of content about literacy & reading-related events; literacy and reading programs and research; and 21st century literacies.

My favorite item from this week's round-up is, not surprisingly, about books, Boston (my hometown) and baseball. Carol says:

Another potential community or even Family Literacy Night activity that builds on the “One Community, One Book” concept was recently announced by Boston: One City, One Story.  I can see this as a great school night activity – what about you?

I looked into this one further, and found: "After considering over 20 stories submitted by local authors, we chose a story by Tom Perrotta entitled The Smile on Happy Chang’s Face... We thought that Tom’s story would appeal to many people as it deals with universal themes like family relationships. And it involves a baseball game." So, people in and around Boston collectively reading ashort story about baseball. Works for me!

I also liked this extra-fun item from Carol:

Speaking of Libraries, have you seen this great game?  The Library Adventure Game!  It uses a web-based simulation to teach reference skills….sounds very interesting to me as a former sixth-grade teacher who struggled to find engaging activities on just this topic.

Terry_readingtubfinal_1 But do click through to read the whole round-up. You can also find today, at the Reading Tub, Terry's September round-up of resources for literacy and reading. Terry is really "getting back into the groove" of finding literacy-related resources and tidbits. One example that I need to check out myself is the sixth issue of Susan Stephenson's free digital magazine about literacy: Literacy Lava. See lots of other great resources compiled by Terry here. I look forward to compiling some myself soon.

Happy Labor Day weekend, fall, start of school, and all of that.