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Farewell to Booklights

Booklights Today I shared my 54th and final post at Booklights, a PBS Parents blog run by Gina Montefusco (shown below in the lower right-hand corner - photo taken at KidLitCon 2009). Booklights started in April of 2009, with a goal of promoting the joy of reading with kids.

Booklights_team-thumb-300x225-2463 My original co-bloggers at Booklights were Pam Coughlan (lower left) and Susan Kusel (upper right). We were later joined by Terry Doherty (top center) as a regular contributor, and Susan Thomsen (not shown)and Ann Neely (bottom center) as occasional contributors.

Blogging for PBS was a great opportunity, and Gina and my co-bloggers made it a wonderful experience. I'm going to miss it! I have links to some of my favorite Booklights posts here. And I have a copy of that KidLitCon photo on my desk every day. Farewell, Booklights!