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10 Favorite Picture Books: A Booklights Reissue

Children's Literacy Roundup: Mid-November Edition

Jpg_book008The mid-November children’s literacy and reading news round-up, brought to you by Jen Robinson’s Book Page, Scrub-a-Dub-Tub, a Reading Tub blog, and Rasco from RIF, is now available at the Reading Tub. Terry Doherty, Carol Rasco and I have collected plenty of content for you about literacy & reading-related events; literacy and reading programs and research; and suggestions for growing bookworms.

Terry has news from some of our favorite non-profits, including RIF, Reach Out and Read, and First Book. She also shares the Twitter IDs of some children's book characters, and a great picture book giveaway (two sets of 25 picture books each) from MotherReader. And she has the scoop on the fabulous new #ARCsFloatOn campaign launched by Sarah from The Reading Zone and Donalyn Miller from The Book Whisperer. And lots more. All in all, it's a not-to-be-missed roundup of news for those interested in children's literacy and reading.

I'd also like to mention an interview that Terry was too modest to include in the main roundup. Aaron Mead from Children's Books and Reviews interviewed Terry last week about her work at the Reading Tub, and her thoughts about children's literacy. It's full of great soundbytes like:

  • "Even in your (cough) 40s (cough) you can learn a lot from Kindergartners!"
  • "Reading is like exercise – to be “fit” you need to do some every day. It may help to remember that reading is like breathing: it is a natural part of our existence."

Terry also explains how these roundups came to be, for anyone who might be interested in that. The whole interview is well worth a look. You can also read past interviews that Aaron did with me and with Carol. Carol, Terry, and I have yet to all be in the same room together, but we have all visited virtually with Aaron, and we appreciate it.

Thanks for tuning in! Carol will be up later this month with some end of the month news, and a look forward to December events (of which I'm sure there'll be many), and I'll be back in early December with more tidbits for you. And of course you can always follow Terry, Carol, and me on Twitter to get your #literacy fix in the meantime. Have a great week!