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Celebrate World Read Aloud Day on March 9th

Litworldwrad2011banner On March 9th, Global Literacy Organization LitWorld is putting on an event called World Read Aloud Day to promote the importance of literacy and education. They're asking people to participate by reading aloud on March 9th. Here's the announcement from LitWorld:

LitWorld Presents: World Read Aloud Day, March 9, 2011

What would you miss most if you could not read or write? Imagine your world without words.

Let's join together and read aloud for a collective 774 million minutes in support of the 774 million people worldwide who cannot read or write.

With this global rally we show the world that the right to read and write belongs to all people and we lend all our voices to the Global Literacy Movement.

Let the children of the world know we believe in the power of words and stories to change their lives.

“I know the day is coming when global literacy isn’t fiction. I don’t know how long it will take, but I know that day will come.”
- 10 year-old World Read Aloud Day Participant

Visit to participate in World Read Aloud Day and to "Read it Forward" and donate to LitWorld's mission to change the world with the power of words.

We are rallying our worldwide participants to link back to our social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) and our website during the actual day so we can connect everyone to a common hub, and here are ideas on how to participate virtually.

Personally, I try to read aloud to Baby Bookworm every day. So it's pretty likely that I'll be reading aloud on March 9th. But I do love the idea of millions of people joining together around the world to read aloud, and show support for literacy. I'll remind you about this again on March 9th, here and on Twitter/Facebook.