A Dazzling Display of Dogs: Concrete Poems by Betsy Franco
Basil's Birds: Lynn Rowe Reed

Cybils Winners Announced Today


What are you going here? The Cybils winners are being announced this morning over at the Cybils blog. Head on over and check them out! Some dozen titles for children and young adults, all guaranteed to be kid-friendly and blogger-approved. You can't go wrong!

And, as I suggested last week, those Cybils-winning titles sure would make excellent Valentine's Day gifts, if you happen to be looking for one. [Even if it is a bit of a contrived holiday.] Books are much longer-lasting than flowers, or even chocolate. If you buy anything via the Amazon links on the Cybils blog, a portion of your purchase goes back to the Cybils organization, and is used the buy prizes for the winners. (Usually we buy engraved pens - also long-lasting.)

But in any case, whether you buy the books, or get them from your library, or borrow them from your friends, please do check out the Cybils winners. Many thanks to the dedicated panelists who selected these dozen books from hundreds and hundreds of nominated titles. Thanks also to the publishers and librarians who helped with review copies, and to the Cybils category organizers, who worked hard behind the scenes to keep the process running smoothly.

The 2010 Cybils winners are here! It's a happy day for children's book lovers of all ages.