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Children's Literacy and Reading Roundup: March in Review

Clackers Series for Babies

Books: Clackers series
Illustrator: Luana Rinaldo 
Pages: 12
Age Range: 1-3

Monkey We're enjoying the Clackers series, illustrated by Luana Rinaldo. We have Crocodile and Monkey (there are several others, too). These are small board books for babies that come with a little handle at the end (the monkey's tail in the picture to the left). Babies can grasp the handle, and then shake the book, and the thick pages clack together and make a noise. Baby Bookworm (at 11 months) picked up on that right away. Also, because the pages are thick (with foam padding between them), she finds it easy to turn the pages, and chew on them.

Crocodile The stories are pretty minimal - there are only a few pages in each book - but they're nice for reading interactively. For example, Crocodile features a baby crocodile looking for her mother. Each page asks something like "Is she under the shiny leaves?" The child can see, peeking through the leaves, something that is clearly not a crocodile, and try to guess what it is.

The illustrations are simple and colorful, with lots of purple and pink and orange. Although a bit cartoon-like, the animals are still clearly baby animals (something in their proportions and expressions). I think that the monkey is especially cute. The books are connected, so that the crocodile is a minor character in the other books (and so on). Though Baby Bookworm will probably outgrow these fairly quickly, she is finding them fun now. I just bought some for a birthday gift for one of her friends. MotherReader likes them, too.

Publisher: Robin Corey books
Publication Date: January 2011
Source of Book: Review copies from Random House

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