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A Must-Read Post on How Reading Aloud Made Read Aloud Dad a Better Father

RADLogo Every once in a while a post comes along that reminds me of why I'm doing this whole blogging thing in the first place. Today, I found such a post at Read Aloud Dad. Read Aloud Dad, father to young twins, shares the story of how reading aloud made him a better father.

He explains that he wasn't comfortable talking with his kids when they were too young to communicate back. He talks about how he left the talking part to his (already overworked) wife. And he talks about how everything changed for his family once he took over the nightly reading sessions. Once he became "Read Aloud Dad."

He explains: "Children's books almost magically opened up the channels of communication. They broke down all the walls." He reviews other benefits that have come from his commitment to reading aloud, and closes with advice for other dads who would like to see this magic happen in their own homes.

I wish that I had a way to share this post with every dad or mom who feels uncomfortable talking with their pre-verbal children. To share it with all the people who think "oh, well, my child isn't old enough to read to yet." By opening up, by sharing his own limitations and struggles, Read Aloud Dad makes a powerful, completely non-judgmental, case for reading aloud to kids. That is what blogging can do.

Go read it! I hope that this post brightens your day, as it did mine.