Children's Literacy and Reading News Roundup: End of April Edition
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April Carnival of Children's Literature Now Available

Maypole1 The April Carnival of Children's Literature is now available at Rasco from RIF. I hope that you'll take a few minutes [or hours ;-) ] to check it out. Carol Rasco has anchored the carnival with a lovely photo of a maypole, and taken the time to include images throughout the carnival. [Image credit: Rasco from RIF]

Not sure how I let this one go by without submitting an entry, but I'm happy to have this opportunity to catch up on other people's posts for the month. I was especially taken by Aaron Mead's comprehensive post on Finding the Best Children's Books: Reviews, Lists, and Blogs.

RIFF_logo In light of Carol's efforts on this carnival, and all of her support of the Kidlitosphere in recent years, it's been especially nice to hear about the upcoming KidLit drink nights organized in New York and Nashville in support of RIF. As Jules explains at 7-Imp, "Since a bill was recently signed that eliminated funding for RIF, the nation’s largest organization providing free books and literacy resources for children, this cut means that they need folks’ support now more than ever."