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Moomin's Little Books of Words/Numbers

Book: Moomin's Little Book of Words and Moomin's Little Book of Numbers
Author: Tove Jansson (adapted from Jansson's work)
Pages: ~14 each
Age Range: 1-3

MoominThis month, FSG is publishing board book editions of two books for babies based on Tove Jansson's beloved Moomin series. These books have apparently been previously available in the UK, but will now be available in the US. I hope that this signals a surge of renewed interest in the Moomin books. While I must confess that I haven't read them myself, I know many people who adore these stories. So I'll be glad to have another chance to check them out.

Anyway, Moomin's Little Book of Words and Moomin's Little Book of Numbers are small, bright board books, sure to catch the eye of toddlers everywhere. The Little Book of Words features just seven page spreads, each showing a single noun, with a small picture of the item on one side, and a Moomin enjoying the item on the other. Each page spread is a different color, but with a similar tone.

The words are not alphabetical (which may bother some Type-A parents, but is unlikely to phase your average one-year-old). They are kid-friendly words like "flower", "cup", and (yay!) "book". But what will make you want to pick up the book again is the sheer joy that the Moomins demonstrate in simple tasks like collecting sea shells and painting a room.

Cover Moomin's Little Book of Numbers is similar. One one page spread we see "one moomin" and "two trees". Another has "three umbrellas" and "four clouds". The items to be counted are spread across both pages, intermixed (like the umbrellas and the clouds). And of course the Moomins are there on every spread, quietly enjoying life. I liked 
"nine fish", where we see a Moomin fishing, with a fish across his forehead, looking a little sheepish. The book ends with "LOTS and LOTS of stars" and two cuddling Moomins. I say, you have to like a number book that includes "lots and lots" in with the regular numbers.

Moomin's Little Book of Numbers and Moomin's Little Book of Words will be must-buy titles for new parents who are fans of the Moomin books. And even for those, like me, who haven't read the other books, their quirky charm stands out amidst the plethora of board books. Definitely worth a look!

Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux
Publication Date: April 12, 2011
Source of Book: Review copy from the publisher

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