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Growing Bookworms Newsletter: June 28

Another Guest Expert Spot at PBS Parents: Boys and Summer Reading

PBSParents My second (of 2) posts about summer reading is up at PBS Parents, as part of their Expert Q&A series. The new post is about Boys and Summer Reading. Although I think that all of last week's summer reading tips can be applied equally well to boys and girls, there is evidence that boys lag girls in reading skills. Thus some boy-specific tips and book recommendations seemed in order. Here's a preview:

"Be flexible about what you consider reading. Don't panic if the only reading your son does is the sports section and online news sites. His reading experience doesn't have to be the same as yours. Figure out what kinds of things he does read, and provide more of those."

You can find the rest here. As I've never been a boy, or parented a boy, I would appreciate any additional suggestions and/or book recommendations that readers might have (on the PBS Parents site). Thanks for reading!