The Visconti House: Elsbeth Edgar
Liar, Liar: Gary Paulsen: #48HBC

MotherReader's 48 Hour Book Challenge: Launch Post: #48HBC

48hbc_new I am thrilled to be participating in the 6th Annual 48-Hour Book Challenge from MotherReader. The idea is to select a 48-hour period out of this weekend, and spend as much time reading as possible. A little social networking time is allowed, and you can spend as much time as you like blogging about the books that you've read. But really, the idea is to read, read, read. To prioritize reading above other things, just for one weekend, in the hope of finding it easier to continue to prioritize reading afterwards. 

I almost didn't participate this year. Baby Bookworm is 14 months old, and requires constant attention. And my husband is on call this weekend, which means that his time can't be relied upon (though he's supportive in spirit). But I just couldn't let another #48HBC go by without participating (I missed last year's event completel). So I decided to use my precious babysitter time for reading today, and to fit in whatever other time I can find through Sunday morning. Fortunately audiobooks count (or one, anyway), so I can "read" while taking the baby for a walk. I would think I can even read chapter books aloud to her while she plays, right? My humble and hopeful goal is to at least meet the 12 hour minimum set by MotherReader.

It's 8:48 am on Friday. This is my 48 Hour Book Challenge launch post. I'm in! Are you?