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You Are My Little Cupcake: Amy E. Sklansky

Book: You Are My Little Cupcake (WorldCat)
Author: Amy E. Sklansky
Illustrator: Talitha Shipman
Pages: 16
Age Range: 0-3

9780316078184_154X233 You Are My Little Cupcake merges two delightful things, babies and cupcakes, in a frothy confection of a board book. Amy Sklansky draws a different analogy on each page, with pairs of page spreads forming rhyming couplets. Like this:

"Your skin is smooth as butter,
Your giggles sugar-sweet.

Your scent is so delicious--
Each hug's a special treat."

Talitha Shipman's pastel illustrations shows different parent/baby pairs, in a range of ethnicities, all with matching smiles. Pictures of cupcakes are in the background on every page, on the shower curtain, on a baby's bib, on a book cover, etc. The front cover of the book features a touch and feel cupcake wrapper, with ripples that make noise when kids run a fingernail across them. Although there are no touch and feel or flap elements inside, that cupcake is enough to draw a one-year-old's attention.

You Are My Little Cupcake would be a good gift book for any new parent, deliciously immersed in kissing, hugging, and tickling a new small person. And if that new parent should happen to be a fan of cupcakes, well, then you have a perfect fit. And really, who isn't a fan of cupcakes? You Are My Little Cupcake is a nice addition to anyone's board book collection.

Publisher: LB Kids (@LBSchool)
Publication Date: April 19, 2011
Source of Book: Review copy from the publisher

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