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Children's Literacy and Reading News Roundup: End of October Edition

JkrROUNDUPThe end of October Children’s Literacy and Reading News Roundup is now available at Rasco from RIF. Over the month of October, Carol Rasco, Terry Doherty, and I (along with friends noted on Carol's post) have collected content for you about literacy & reading-related events; literacy and reading programs and research; and suggestions for growing bookworms. How Carol managed to find time to pull it all together between responding to the recently released NAEP results and planning for RIF's 45th Birthday Party tomorrow, I have no idea. But she's assembled a lovely set of resources!

Particular favorites of mine out of the roundup:

Speaking of bookmobiles, the Levi’s brand issued an online call to action this week for people around the world to support Jennifer Frances, creator of “Bess the Book Bus,” a mobile literacy outreach program that delivers free books to families in need across the U.S. Levi’s Facebook fans can help Jennifer keep “Bess the Book Bus” rolling and bring 50,000 free books to families in need, by adding “miles” on her bus journey through Facebook pledges.

CliflogoAnother literacy effort is also using Facebook this month. For each new Facebook fan received in November, @chooseadventure (publishers of the Choose Your Own Adventure series) will donate a book to a child in need via The Children's Literacy Foundation (CliF). A pretty easy way to give a child a book, I'd say... As of this morning, the number of books to be given was over 200. Choose Your Own Adventure hopes (so they told me on Twitter) to see it reach thousands.

PBMLOGO-COLOR_WEBRESSpeaking of Picture Book Month, do check out Anita Silvey's article for School Library Journal on what she thinks is the reason that many people (particularly parents and librarians) are passing up new picture books. She posits that current norms in favor of less and less text in picture books are hindering the publication of great stories that people want to read over and over again. Speaking as someone who read more than 100 brand-new picture books in October (for the Cybils), I think that Anita's idea has merit. It will be interesting to see whether the pendulum starts to swing the other way. But do read the whole article, and see Anita's evidence for this conclusion.

Bookworm-cupcakesIn closing, let me remind you again that RIF's 45th birthday celebration is TOMORROW (November 3rd). [I am sharing a batch of the same bookworm cupcakes that Carol shared with me on my birthday.] Yes, even though RIF is no longer receiving government funding (sigh!), the organization is still alive and well and putting as many books into kids' hands as possible. If you have a minute, do check out the real-time, online celebration tomorrow at 1:30 pm EST. Here's a snippet from RIF's website:

"Author/illustrator Kevin Henkes’ lovable character Lilly will be making a special appearance along with Adventure Theatre, the longest-running children’s theater in Washington, D.C. Together, they will bring the story of Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse to life. Viewers will have the unique opportunity to ask Lilly questions. To submit a question during the webcast, email Lauren Donovan at ldonovan@rif.org."

The rest of the roundup is here. We'll be back with more children's literacy and reading news mid-month. Thanks for reading, and for caring about children's literacy!