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I'm Quoted in Parenting Magazine

51cA0R-6gQL._SL500_AA300_So, I'm flipped through the February issue of Parenting Magazine while I eat lunch. I get to page 36, and there's a picture of several children's book covers. My first reaction is: "Hey neat, those are some of our favorite books". And then I look more closely, and I realize that the reason some of our favorites are highlighted is because the article was based on an interview that I did with Parenting way back last summer. I thought that it was going to be in the November issue, and looked for it then, but things happen, and it didn't pop up (at least in the print issue) until now.

51nwYiHtLzL._SL500_AA300_That's a long-winded way of saying: "Hey, I'm in the February issue of Parenting Magazine, on page 36." The article is called: "Your New Classics: Then and now: The modern kids' bookshelf" (and doesn't appear to be online). The author compares some of my recommended titles with classics. So, for instance, Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad are Friends is compared with Mo Willems' Happy Pig Day! (an Elephant & Piggie book). I didn't come up with the pairings, but I did recommend all of the "new classics" that are discussed.

So, if you are finding this blog because of reading the article in Parenting Magazine, thanks so much for stopping by. An easy way to keep up with this blog is to sign up for my Growing Bookworms newsletter, a biweekly publication containing book reviews, children's literacy news, and suggestions for encouraging young readers.

I also enjoyed the February Parenting article: How to Raise Gifted Children, by Christina Vercelletto (which is available online). Although the article nominally focuses on "raising the next Steve Jobs", there's a great section on "The Power of a Parent" to affect their child's eventual success. Items 1 and 2 are "Talk, talk, talk" and "Read, read, read", together with other useful suggestions.

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