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Children's Literacy and Reading News Roundup: March in Review

JkrROUNDUPThe End of March Children’s Literacy and Reading News Roundup, brought to you by Jen Robinson’s Book Page, Family Bookshelf and Rasco from RIF, is now available at Rasco from RIF. Carol has the scoop on all of the major happenings in the children's lit world, from the tremendous success of The Hunger Games movie (which I hope to see soon) to the many events in honor of National Poetry Month. Gregory K's 30 Poets/30 Days celebration is always a highlight. Carol also reminds us that "Voting for  the Children’s Book Council’s 5th Annual Children’s Choice Book Awards is open! Winners will be announced during Children’s Book Week May 13-17!"

This month's roundup also features a variety of news about literacy and reading programs and research, and suggestions for growing bookworms. I especially enjoyed this:

"Words, words, words: A recent post in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found at Momania: A Blog for Busy Moms asked this question in its title:  Did your child have 1000 hours of one-on-one reading by first grade? The internet started spinning! In addition to the critical and important information provided in this article based on Marilyn Adams’ work as quoted by the San Mateo Library, I recommend to you MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCES IN THE EVERYDAY EXPERIENCES OF YOUNG AMERICAN CHILDREN by Betty Hart and Todd Risley.  Children indeed need those words, words, words!"

It's so important that children are read to in the home, early and often. I'm not too worried about Baby Bookworm getting her 1000 hours -- we read to her from morning till night. In fact, she sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night asking for "book" (though that's one time that we don't grant her request). We're already closing in on 1000 books read aloud to her this year (including re-reads of the same book at different times, not including multiple reads in the same session). So, I'm not so concerned about her getting her reading time in. But I do worry about the kids who don't have any books in their homes (which is one of the many reasons why I support RIF).

Here are a couple of extra links that I would like to share with you:

  • There's a nice, short, straightforward piece by Carrie Higgins with 5 Tips for Reaching Reluctant Readers at Main Line Parent. I found this link in the March Carnival of Children's Literature at Just Children's Books. 
  • I quite enjoyed Teri Lesesne's piece at The Stenhouse Blog on reigniting the passion for reading. Although aimed more at teachers than at bloggers, I found the tips (and the non-judgmental stance of the article) useful and refreshing. I found this piece via @ChoiceLiteracy.
  • I don't have a link, but I wish to extend my congratulations to the Johnson County Library in Shawnee Mission, Kansas for winning a visit from National Ambassador for Young People's Literature Walter Dean Myers! I found this news via the @CBCBook newsletter.

And that's all the literacy and reading news that I have for today. Terry Doherty will be back with the mid-month round. Meanwhile, please do click through to Rasco from RIF for more children's literacy and reading news. Thanks for reading!