Children's Literacy and Reading News Roundup: Mid-April
Eye of the Storm: Kate Messner

I'm a Book Person. Are You?

RIF_Primary_VerticalSo, have you seen RIF's new Book People Unite Public Service Announcement / video? Really, if you love books, you simply MUST watch it.  Madeline is sitting on a bus next to Greg Heffley. The three little pigs are jamming to a song that starts "imagine if every child had a book to read". Humpty Dumpty and Curious George are there, too. The three little pigs are parachuting from a plane. And lots more. There's a catchy, inspirational song about book people uniting, one that you can share with your kids. It's fabulous. The punchline is "Read to a child today, and spark a lifetime of ambition." 

Then there's the pledge. If you go to the website, you'll be asked to take the pledge:

If you're a Book Person, tell the world. Books open new worlds and unlock new doors. Take the Book People Unite pledge and declare your belief in the transformative power of books, especially for young minds. Encourage your friends to join the movement too by sharing online and you'll get a download of the full Book People Unite track. We'll also follow up with news on the Book People Unite movement.

Hundreds and hundreds of people have taken the pledge, from @LevarBurton to @MrsPStorytime to @NeilHimself. I've been following the #BookPeopleUnite Twitter feed for a couple of days now, and it's an inspiring celebration of books and literacy. Authors, librarians, bloggers, publishers, literacy organizations, and people of all ages and backgrounds are stepping up to declare themselves "Book People."

I'm a book person. Are you? If you are, and you haven't seen the Book People Unite video yet, or signed the pledge, what are you waiting for? Join Madeline, Greg Heffley, Little Red Riding Hood, Babar, and many other friends from the literary world. Declare yourself a book person. It will brighten your day. Then go and read to child, and be grateful for your access to books.