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At the Boardwalk: Kelly Ramsdell Fineman & Monica Armino

Book: At the Boardwalk
Author: Kelly Ramsdell Fineman
Illustrator: Monica Armino
Pages: 32
Age Range: 4-8

61UvNQkNkoL._SL500_AA300_Kelly Fineman's At the Boardwalk, illustrated by Monica Armino, is a lyrical celebration of a summer's day spent at the boardwalk. Each page spread features four rhyming lines of poetry, each focused on a different aspect of the day (and progressing through the day in chronological order). So we start out (second spread):

At the boardwalk in the fog
Grab the stroller, bring the dog
Families take a morning jog
At the boardwalk in the fog

and finish up with:

At the boardwalk day is done
Sleepy after evening fun
Strolling home - no need to run
At the boardwalk day is done

I'm not sure what the formal name is for poems like these, with the starting and ending line the same, but I know that this format is perfect for reading aloud. My favorite rhyme sequence in the book is "rains", "weather vanes", and "complains". In general, Kelly Fineman makes writing with rhyme and rhythm seem easy. The words flow readily off the reader's tongue.

Monica Armino's illustrations are rendered in deep, sun-kissed colors, against a textured background. The sunrise and sunset sequences are particularly lovely, with reds and golds. The people in the book encompass a wide range of ages and ethnicities, though the emphasis is of course on kids. My favorite illustration shows several children jumping gleefully in a puddle during a sudden rainstorm. 

Parents should be warned that a read of At the Boardwalk is likely to result in kids clamoring to visit an actual boardwalk, where they can ride the carousel, eat taffy, and play in the sand. Recommended for anyone looking for a taste of summer. 

Publisher: Tiger Tales
Publication Date: March 1, 2012
Source of Book: Review copy from the publisher

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