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Links I Shared on Twitter This Week: June 28

Welcome to the second installment of this new feature, in which I highlight some of the links that I shared on Twitter over the past week:

Kids' Imaginations More Active Despite Less Play Time, Study Shows via @EducationWeek

HS English teacher proposes: Blogging Is the New Persuasive Essay

A suggestion from @cybils: Be Book Smart and Help @RIFWEB #BookPeopleUnite @CHRasco

Thursday Three: Reading Games, good + easy ideas for building early #literacy from @MotherReader

Oh, I agree! Sleuths, Spies, + Alibis: Criminal Writing Offenses In #KidLit: The Important Life Lesson

NCBLA: Ideas to Keep Your Kids Reading + Writing this Summer, reading tip texts from @ReadingRockets

Interesting thoughts on Early Learning and Technology from @sonderbooks on @alscblog #literacy

It's Real and Serious: Summer Learning Loss (via @adlit) #literacy

Reading lists: the IT thing on social media for summer! A list of lists from @StorySnoops #kidlit

The Danger of Modern Productivity and How Will You Measure Your Life | Escape Adulthood @kimandjason

Don't you hate it when life gets in the way of reading books? Fun post @NerdyBookClub

Seriously? Denver Neighborhood Bans Children’s Sidewalk Drawings via @kimandjason

Great Kid Book: Popular fiction series with kids ages 7 - 11 @MaryAnnScheuer #kidlit

Where are the stay-at-home dads in children’s books? The Globe and Mail #kidlit via @PWKidsBookshelf

squeetus: Self-publishing, part 2; or why my blog needs an editor @haleshannon

Betsy Bird is now into the top 5 (of 100) #picturebooks + children's novels @FuseEight Don't miss it! (#1 will be announced tomorrow)

Top Ten Summer Reading Lists « Sommer Reading #SummerReading

That's all for this week. I hope readers find this type of post useful. You can find me on Twitter @JensBookPage.