Children's Literacy and Reading News Roundup: Mid-September
Son: Lois Lowry

I'm a Cybils Panelist for Fiction Picturebooks

Cybils2012I'm delighted to report that I'm going to be a Cybils judge this year for Round 2 in Fiction Picture Books. I'm thrilled to be joining these talented souls in selecting the best of the best in kid-friendly, well-written fiction picture books for 2012 (technically October 16, 2011 through October 15, 2012).

Round 1

Laura Given

Travis Jonker
100 Scope Notes

Julie Jurgens
Hi Miss Julie! 

Rebecca Reid
Rebecca Reads

Jodell Sadler
Picture Book Lunchables 

Danielle Smith
There's a Book 

Aaron Zenz 
Bookie Woogie 

Round 2

Myra Bacsal
Gathering Books

Darshana Khiani
Flowering Minds 

Joanna Marple
Miss Marple's Musings 

Dawn Mooney
5 Minutes for Books 

Jen Robinson
Jen Robinson's Book Page 

I'm a little sad not to be doing Round 1 again, as I did last year, but I just couldn't manage the time commitment this time around. Perhaps next year I'll try for that again. Anyway, I have complete faith in this year's Round 1 team to come up with a list of lovely choices. The hard part will come in deciding between them, of course. But I look forward to the challenge, and to getting to know my fellow panelists. Great books await!

To see the other Cybils panels, which are all being announced today, visit the Cybils blog. You can also follow the Cybils organizers on Twitter via this list, and the Cybils panelis via this list.