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Links I Shared on Twitter This Week: September 21

Here are some highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week:

Adults Are Devouring Kids' Books for Good Reason says@TheAtlanticWire http://ow.ly/dTzrh  via @PWKidsBookshelf

Some additions to the mid-September children's #literacy + reading news roundup from @readingtub http://ow.ly/dTDm0  @CHRasco

RT @tashrow: Why reading by third grade is critical, + what can be done to help kids meet that deadline | Deseret News http://buff.ly/P0xjwe

I'm glad to see this! Appeals Court Confirms Defendant Victory in 'Percy Jackson' Copyright Lawsuit @THREsq http://ow.ly/dTz1X via @PWKidsBookshelf

What's Wrong With Reading? Powerful article about reading and peer pressure in black youth culture http://ow.ly/dTzO9  @HuffingtonPost

#Literacy advocate urges FL mayors, city officials to encourage reading http://ow.ly/dTwmy @pbpost via NCLE SmartBrief

I agree with this @NYTimes op-ed about how Gifted Students Deserve better Public School Opportunities http://ow.ly/dRH1c

Print! RT @RIFWEB: Survey: Parents Prefer Reading Print Books to Young Kids http://ow.ly/dPphZ Which do you prefer reading w/ your kids?

What do you think about Parents and E-Book Sharing, asks @tashrow http://ow.ly/dQ9CY  #literacy #ebooks

Very cool! RT @WeGiveBooks: BBC News - The man who turned his home into a public library http://ow.ly/dRV3F  #litrdup

At Stacked @catagator responds to Janssen's (great) post about being authentic, re blogging, shows her own authenticity http://ow.ly/dOz6K

Hey look! @MitaliPerkins is part of the Boston Public Library's Literary Lights for Children on 9/30 http://ow.ly/dOyv0

What to Do When Kids Aren’t Allowed to Read Digital Books in school http://ow.ly/dOjCY  @ShiftTheDigital

Fun and useful post about: Using Board Games To Teach by@TrevorHCairney http://ow.ly/dOas9

Interesting comment discussion at Finding Wonderland: impact of adults reading #YAlit on library purchasing http://ow.ly/dNLxA  @aquafortis

School #libraries are still all about teaching students 'to use information efficiently and ethically' http://PennLive.com  http://ow.ly/dMnU5

Maine Family #Literacy Program kicks off third year | SeacoastOnline.com ow.ly/dMnMG via NCLE SmartBrief

Musings from @medinger about Doing it (writing on the blog) for Free | educating alice http://ow.ly/dJiwU

Hilarious! RT @tashrow: Overdue Library Book Returned, After 78 Years, During Chicago Library’s Amnesty Period http://buff.ly/POOa4L

When a normally coherent @LizB starts with" WOW. WOW. LOVE. LOVE. AWESOME. AMAZING. WAIT, WHAT? WOW" I want to read it: http://ow.ly/dHh6b

Charlie Higson: why would kids read books if their parents never do? - Telegraph http://ow.ly/dHft6 via NCLE SmartBrief

Plus I shared many, many links regarding the Cybils (@aquafortis and I live-tweeted the 2012 panelist announcements), far too many to share here. To find Cybils news, please either visit the Cybils blog, or just search for Cybils on Twitter.

That's all I have for this week. I'll be back with another update on the blog next week. In the meantime, you can find me sharing literacy and reading news throughout the week @JensBookPage.