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I'll Save You Bobo!: Eileen & Marc Rosenthal

Book: I'll Save You Bobo!
Author: Eileen Rosenthal
Illustrator: Marc Rosenthal
Pages: 40
Age Range: 3-8 

I'll Save You Bobo! is the sequel to one of my favorite titles from 2011, I MUST Have Bobo!. The first book introduced the dynamic between young Willy, his stuffed monkey, Bobo, and Willy's cat, Earl. Willy likes to always have Bobo, his favorite comfort object, nearby. However, Earl is also attached to Bobo, and persists in dragging him away. In I'll Save You Bobo!, author/illustrator team Eileen and Marc Rosenthal continue Willy and Earl's competition for Bobo. They also introduce a new boy-friendly, imagination-focused storyline. 

I'll Save You Bobo! begins as Willy attempts to read a book about dinosaurs to Bobo. Disappointed that the dinosaur in the book isn't bloodthirsty enough, Willy decides to write his own book, about the adventures of Bobo and Willy in a snake-filled, tiger-infested jungle. Fantasy and reality collide when Earl mimics the actions of a tiger in the story, nearly ruining the book-writing. Willy concludes his jungle story in satisfying fashion by having Earl eaten by a giant snake. But it's Earl who gets the last laugh, and the last cuddle with Bobo. 

This new Bobo book was an instant hit with Baby Bookworm. We easily read it ten times during our first 24 hours of ownership, and have read it at least a couple of times a day since. It's not completely clear if she likes the jungle-themed storyline or if she is just pleased to see another book about the characters (whom she loves from the previous book). But she does chortle every time at the end, when Willy is startled by Earl's tail. 

I'll Save You Bobo! is a gleeful celebration of danger. The jungle that Willy draws features snakes, vines, tigers, and "giant poison mushrooms." My favorite page is one in which Willy is describing the jungle to Bobo, and then adds, in large, triumphant letters "AND WE HAVE A TENT!" It's just such a perfect five-year-old boy response, glee over the tent and over his own creativity in thinking up the tent. Later, after Willy kills off Earl (in the story within the story), he says:



I'll Save You Bobo! would be a nice companion to Rocket Writes a Story, since both feature characters writing books, though the two stories are quite different in tone. Fans of I MUST Have Bobo!, particularly boys, will certainly not want to miss I'll Save You Bobo! This new Bobo book is a celebration of creativity, imaginary danger, and the companionship of a favorite stuffed animal. Highly recommended. 

Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers (@SimonKids)
Publication Date: April 3, 2012
Source of Book: Bought it

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