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Growing Bookworms Newsletter: January 11

Links I Shared on Twitter This Week: January 11

Here are some highlights from the links that I have shared on Twitter since the first of the year @JensBookPage.

Kidlitosphere Links

The Kidlitosphere Comment Challenge, hosted by @leewind +@MotherReader is back! #kidlit

Giving Back: A @The_Pigeon Inspired Post from @MotherReader to warm your heart #kidlit

Useful primer fron @haleshannon: What's the deal with those authors visiting schools and stuff? #kidlit

Gathering Books Launches Bimonthly Theme for January/February: Crazy over Cybils! | #kidlit

Always fun to read about: Triumphantly Tweeting Authors @Cybils #literacy

Most Popular Book Posts of 2012 at What Do We Do All Day?@momandkiddo

Some great stuff here from @TrevorHCairney Top 20 Most Popular Posts in Five Years of Blogging #literacy

Book Lists

Don't miss Looking for kids of color in the middle grade sci fi/fantasy books of 2012 by @charlotteslib #kidlit

Top 2012 Teen Reads to Wake Your Brain Cells from @tashrow #yalit

Great roundup of #yalit Horror titles from @catagator at Stacked

Neat new blog with themed YA Reading Lists every day. Today: Columbus Spies Mermaids! #yalit @kidsilkhaze

TED Blog | 10 great children's books that will become classics by@StudioJJK

Great list by @haleshannon on squeetus: "Girl" books that boys love #kidlit

Some great choices: sequels that my young companion in fantasy reading + I are most looking forward to @charlotteslib

Literacy and Growing Bookworms

Some thoughts on The Reading Race, well worth reading, from Amy@LiteracyLaunch #litrdup #literacy

Authors Wanted: A call for Skype volunteers for World Read Aloud Day 2013 from @KateMessner #litrdup

Very nice! 5 Ideas for Organizing Books To Promote Toddler Interaction from Growing Bk by Bk #litrdup

Books and Libraries

Interesting article about book-lover who publishes new editions of obscure books - via @cmirabile

Sigh! School Library Thrives After Ditching Print Collection@ShiftTheDigital

McDonald's to become UK's largest book distributor with Happy Meal deal - via @PWKidsBookshelf #litrdup

Libraries are expanding scope. See Check These Out at the Library: Blacksmithing, Bowling -

The Island of Adventure by Enid Blyton. @ReadAloudDad made me want to re-read the series. #kidlit

I find this encouraging. Never Mind E-Books: Why Print Books Are Here to Stay -

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