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Global Baby Girls: The Global Fund for Children

Book: Global Baby Girls
Author: The Global Fund for Children
Pages: 16 (board book)
Age Range: 0-3

Global Baby Girls is an excellent choice to add to a baby gift. Each page features an image of a baby girl from a different country, ranging from the US and Canada to India, Liberia, and New Zealand, among others. Some of the girls are smiling, while others are concentrating, or looking rebellious. They widely in skin color and clothing style. Some wear earrings. Some wear hats. But they're all beautiful.  

The text of the book is quite minimal. Each image includes, in out of the way letters, the name of the baby's country of origin. Apart from that, each page spread includes just a single word or short phrase, linking up for a couple of sentences total across the book, about how girls "can grow up to change the world." 

While there isn't enough text in this book to lend itself to regular read-alouds, I think that Global Baby Girls will appeal to babies who are just old enough to sit up and hold a book. Kids that age love to look at pictures of other babies. Parents will like the diversity represented in the photos, and the educational opportunities that stem from seeing the names of each country right there on the page. 

While I don't normally include jacket copy in my reviews, I'm going to make an exception here. The text on the back of Global Baby Girls reads:

"Global Baby GIrls was developed by The Global Fund for Children, a nonprofit organization committed to advancing the dignity of young people around the world. Baby girls are precious, but they are not valued everywhere. Part of the proceeds from this book's sales will be donated to support innovative community-based organizations that provide opportunities for girls to grow, thrive, and be strong." 

And there you have it. A small, easy to hold board book full of photos that babies will love, together with a larger mission that parents can feel good about. Recommended!

Publisher: Charlesbridge (@Charlesbridge)
Publication Date: February 1, 2013
Source of Book: Review copy from the publisher

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