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Growing Bookworms Newsletter: February 19

JRBPlogo-smallTonight I will be sending out the new issue of the Growing Bookworms email newsletter. (If you would like to subscribe, you can find a sign-up form here.) The Growing Bookworms newsletter contains content from my blog focused on children's and young adult books and raising readers. There are 1645 subscribers. Currently I am sending the newsletter out once every three weeks.

Newsletter Update: In this issue I am including nine book reviews (one board book, four picture books, two middle grade novels, and two young adult novels). I also have two posts with the end of January and mid-February Children's Literacy Roundups, a post listing 10 recent favorite reads of Baby Bookworm (a new blog feature that I'm trying out), and a quick post about an interview that Becky Levine posted on her blog did about my reading with Baby Bookworm.

Not included in the newsletter this time around (because it was getting a bit long):

Reading Update: In the past 3 weeks, I finished 1 novel for middle grade readers, 5 novels for young adults, and 1 novels for adults. I read:  

  • Rosanne Parry: Written in Stone. Middle Grade. Random House Books for Young Readers. Completed February 12, 2013, digital ARC from NetGalley.
  • Marie Lu: Legend. Young Adult. Putnam. Completed January 29, 2013, on Kindle.
  • Marie Lu: Prodigy. Young Adult. Putnam. Completed February 6, 2013, on Kindle.
  • Harlan Coben: Seconds Away: A Mickey Bolitar Novel. Young Adult. Putnam. Completed February 8, 2013, on MP3.
  • Michelle Gagnon: Strangelets. Soho Teen. Completed February 9, 2013 (digital ARC from the publisher). 
  • Andrea K Höst: And All the Stars. Completed February 17, 2013, on Kindle.
  • Charlaine Harris: Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse). Adult Mystery. Ace. Completed February 2, 2013, on MP3.

I think this must be a first for me. All of the above were read on Kindle or listened to on MP3. No paper books. I am reading a paper ARC now, Mermaid in Chelsea Creek by Michelle Tea. And I do have a number of hardcovers stacked up to be read soon. But lately I've just found reading on the Kindle addictive, for reasons including:

  • Several books that I wanted to read enough to be willing to purchase them, despite the size of my TBR stack (but didn't need hardcopies). I just bought Deborah Crombie's latest mystery today, and will not be able to resist that one for long. 
  • Quite a lot of time spent reading while holding a sick child. She is recovering, but the beauty of one-handed reading that one can do in dim light cannot be over-estimated. 
  • A shift by some publishers to digital-only ARCs (which I mind a lot less now than I used to, because of the Paperwhite, though I still find it harder to write the reviews from digital-ARC). 
  • A mild addiction to the Kindle Daily Deals. When a book crops up that I wanted to read anyway, and it costs $2, and it doesn't take up any physical space, well, it's hard to resist. I believe that And All the Stars showed up one day as free. Knowing it was a Cybils shortlist title, again, how could I resist?

I am still reading print books to Baby Bookworm. I have a post below listing 10 of the titles that she has been especially enjoying recently. She's also been missing one of her books. We misplaced At the Boardwalk, by Kelly Fineman, and it's been driving her crazy. I caught her walking around the house the other day saying: "Boardwalk book, where are you?". She finally badgered me into ordering another copy. Such is the price of growing a bookworm ;-) 

How about you? What have you and your kids been reading and enjoying? Thanks for reading the newsletter, and for growing bookworms. 

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