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Valentine's Day is a Day for Children's Book Lovers

February 14th has a long history as a day for celebrating love and chocolate. More recently, however, Valentine's Day has become a day for celebrating books and literacy.

Cybils2012Since 2006, the Cybils Award winners have been announced on February 14th. This Thursday, winners will be announced in the following 11 categories. Click through each link to see the shortlists, five to seven category-specific titles each guaranteed to be both well-written and kid-friendly. 

Book Apps

Easy Readers/Short Chapter Books

Fantasy and Science Fiction (Middle Grade)

Fantasy and Science Fiction (Young Adult)

Fiction Picture Books

Graphic Novels

Middle Grade Fiction

Non-Fiction: Middle Grade & Young Adult

Non-Fiction Picture Books


Young Adult Fiction

As a Round 2 judge for Fiction Picture Books, all I can say publicly now is that I hope readers will be happy with our selection. 

International-book-giving-day-poster-by-priya-kuriyanThursday is also International Book Giving Day. As explained by Amy Broadmoore in a post on the Nerdy Book Club website this week:

"International Book Giving Day is a day dedicated to increasing children’s access to and enthusiasm for books. (It’s kind of perfect that International Book Giving Day and the Cybils announcements are the same day!) We are inviting people around the world to celebrate by

  1. giving a book to a friend or family member,
  2. leaving a good book in a waiting room for children to read, or
  3. donating a book to local library, hospital or shelter or to an organization that distributes books to children in need.

To learn more about International Book Giving Day, see International Book Giving Day’s website!"

In the same post, Amy suggests that Cybils panelists celebrate International Book Giving Day by donating their Cybils review copies, listing "5 Better Homes for Your Cybils Books Than in Your Closet". These tips really apply to anyone who accrues stacks of children's books, by whatever means. See also this guest post at All Done Monkey about sharing the joy of reading, with a wide range of both local and global suggestions for book donation on International Book Giving Day. 

LibraryloversjfFinally, Susan Stephenson at The Book Chook proclaims that February 14th is Library Lovers Day (celebrated in 2012, and continued this year by Susan). She says: "Library Lovers Day - what a wonderful day to show our local and school librarians some love! Let's thank them for what they do, be specific and tell them how much libraries and librarians have meant in our lives." I say, what better way to show your appreciation for your local or school library than by donating some new or gently read children's books?

The Cybils Awards, International Book Giving Day, and Library Lovers day. No matter how you look at it, February 14th is a day for celebrating the love of books. Books will last a lot longer than flowers or chocolates, too (both directly and indirectly). How will you mark the occasion?