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Zebra Forest: Adina Rishe Gewirtz

New Facebook Page Dedicated to Growing Bookworms

JRBP-small-notextIn response to some of the input that I received on last week's post about helping parents to find quality books for their children, I've decided to start a new Growing Bookworms Facebook page. I'll be sharing tips and research results about growing bookworms, as well as book recommendations (my own and other people's). I think this page will provide a couple of benefits:

  • People interested in encouraging young readers (parents, teachers, librarians, etc.) can follow the page without having to friend me on Facebook and clutter up their own news feeds.
  • The visual Facebook page format will provide a much nicer archive for links and posts than, say, Twitter (and in a leaner format than on my blog).  

I'll continue to share most links on Twitter, and will use the Growing Bookworms page only for the most relevant of articles. I'll also try to share relevant articles in my Google+ communities. I've changed my blog so that it won't automatically share all of my blog posts to my personal Facebook timeline. Instead, I'll decide for individual posts whether to share them on my personal timeline, the Growing Bookworms page, or neither. It will probably take me a little time to get into a groove with deciding what to share where, but I do hope to make the Growing Bookworms Facebook page a useful resource, particularly for parents. I hope that some of you will check it out, and I welcome your feedback. Thanks for reading! 

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