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Growing Bookworms Newsletter: May 16

Children's Literacy and Reading News Roundup: Mid-May

JkrROUNDUPThe latest Children's Literacy and Reading News roundup is now available at Quietly. The roundups are brought to you by Carol Rasco from RIF and Quietly, Terry Doherty from The Reading Tub and The Family Bookshelf, and me, here at Jen Robinson's Book Page. This particular roundup, which encompasses both the end of April and mid-May roundups, is chock full of news about literacy and reading-related events; literacy programs and research; and suggestions for growing bookworms.

Here are some highlights from Carol's roundup:

  • "Children’s Book Week, it’s this week! A time to celebrate the books we hold dear at The Roundup! In addition to the bookmark above by Grace Lin (complete with activities, also see the Brian Selznick posterfor this year as well!) Last evening was the Children’s Choice Book Awards Gala. Not being able to make it in person this year I was thrilled to have a clear, steamed version into my living room…what a fun evening as always. I mean, did you know Meg Cabot raps?  Check out the video of the program yourself, learn the results of the more than one million votes cast by young people!" [Note: I am not at all surprised that Meg Cabot raps. Seems totally fitting.]
  • "MAY 29:  Paper Clip Day
    READ: SIX MILLION PAPER CLIPS: The Making of a Children’s Holocaust Memorial by Peter W. Schroeder." [I had to share this one, because one of my college professors, Henry Petroski, wrote a book about the evolution of the paper clip, among other "useful things".] 
  • "Prettier Charts Can Be Harder for Students to Read Sarah D. Sparks starts this particular blog entry with “Graphics are often intended to engage children in learning otherwise dry material, such as data on a chart. Yet new research from Ohio State University suggests increasing charts’ artistic appeal can interfere with students’ ability to comprehend the information they represent.”  Read more about this study of 122 middle class 6- to 8-year-old students."

And here are a few additional tidbits from me:

  • 48hbc_newThere was much sadness around the Kidlitosphere when MotherReader announced that she wasn't able to organize her 48 Hour Book Challenge this year (though of course people understood). Happily, however, Ms. Yingling has stepped in to manage the event, with help from Abby the Librarian. The show will go on, the weekend of June 7-9. I will not, alas, be able to participate this year, but I'll be there in spirit. 
  • This is hardly unexpected, but a new Canadian report based on a meta-analysis of other reports confirmed the benefits of reading. There are some good soundbytes, like this: "“The research shows that choice, control, and the implementation of reading as a social activity are key to building a nation of those who love to read versus a nation of those who can read,” said the report’s author, Sharon Murphy, Associate Professor of Education at York University. “It also confirms the many long-term societal benefits associated with being a nation of avid readers, including increased civic engagement, empathy for others, and improved cognitive and academic development.”"
  • DSC03282This was an article that I found personally satisfying. A study found that the presence of book-lined shelves in the home give children an advantage in school. Yes, I do have that one covered. 
  • The Scholastic Parents Blog Raise A Reader shares 3 Reasons to Read with Your Elementary Schooler Every Night. Scholastic has been posting a ton of good stuff as Summer Reading season approaches. 
  • And just for fun, The Jenny Evolution just shared a list of 50+ Great Adventure Chapter Books for Girls. Because "Girls need more to read than princess books. They need to journey with daring, rough-and-tumble girls who seek out adventure or rise to the challenges thrown at them." Can't argue with that! 

And that's all we have for you today. But do check out the full roundup at Carol's. Carol will be back towards the end of the month with another roundup. And we'll continue to share literacy news as we find it @JensBookPage, @ReadingTub, and @CHRasco. Thanks for reading, and for caring about children's literacy. 

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