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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: June 28

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage.

Books and Reading

Can anyone relate? Gaining Traction + Rediscovering my Reading Niche by Joel Malley | @NerdyBookClub http://ow.ly/mkQdt

Sigh! Danny Heitman: The Young and the Bookless, on his college students not reading for fun http://ow.ly/mpywn @WSJ

Are children's books darker than they used to be? Not so much, says @Guardian http://ow.ly/mnQO7 via @PWKidsBookshelf #kidlit

Query for the collective brain: Kickbutt YA Heroines WITHOUT the Romance? @bkshelvesofdoom asks @greenbeanblog ? http://ow.ly/mldG3

Five Things You Need to Know About Young Adult Fiction from @catagator http://ow.ly/msjHb #yalit

Growing Bookworms

Fun post at Our Learning Collection linking to Book Nook Collections!http://ourlearningcollection.blogspot.com/2013/06/book-nook-collections.html?m=1 …

Just got word that my order of the 7th edition of Jim Trelease's READ-ALOUD HANDBOOK has shipped. Highly recommended! http://ow.ly/mji7L

Applies 2 growing bookworms @ home too: On Having Faith (+Teaching Reading) | Kate Roberts | @NerdyBookClub http://ow.ly/mgDUO #literacy

Lovely! A Busy [and tired] Mom's Guide To Reading Aloud from @booksbabiesbows http://ow.ly/mgDmT #litrdup #literacy

15 great stay at home holiday activities from@TrevorHCairney http://ow.ly/msahs #literacy

Libraries and eBooks

RT @tashrow New DRM Will Change the Words in Your E-Book | Gadget Lab |http://Wired.com http://buff.ly/11H5bSI #ebooks

Interesting data. Younger Americans’ Library Habits and Expectations | Sites + Soundbytes by @tashrow http://ow.ly/mpvYP


3 Independent Skills Your Child Needs for Kindergarten from @coffeeandcrayon http://ow.ly/mpwsG

Great piece from Kevin Ashton on the necessity for creativity of saying no to requests http://ow.ly/mltnj via Donna Gephart

Summer Reading Lists

Summer reading suggestions for Kindergarten & 1st grade from parent + librarian @MaryAnnScheuer http://ow.ly/mltah #kidlit

Great Kid Books: Summer reading suggestions: 2nd & 3rd grades from @MaryAnnScheuer http://ow.ly/mpwB1 #kidlit

More #Summerreading suggestions from @MaryAnnScheuer, these for 4th & 5th grades http://ow.ly/ms9Kn #kidlit

Rising 5th Grade Summer Reading List from @pragmaticmom http://ow.ly/mpwMX  #kidlit

MORE Fun Summer Reads for Kidlit Mystery Fans! from @kidlitmysteries http://ow.ly/mkO43 #kidlit

Read Aloud Books for Kids and Other Ideas For Summer Fun from @pragmaticmom #kidlit http://www.pragmaticmom.com/2013/06/read-aloud-books-for-kids/ …

Ultimate Guide to Must-Read Summer YA Reading from @catagator at Book Riot http://ow.ly/mnQEh via @PWKidsBookshelf #yalit

Other Book Lists

Some good choices. Favorite Children's Books from Facebook Fans of @momandkiddo http://ow.ly/mkOlp #kidlit

NPR’s Backseat Book Club’s Call for Best Books for Kids 9-14 | @medinger makes suggestions http://ow.ly/mnJVf #kidlit

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