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Literacy Milestone: Baby Bookworm Read Her First Book Title to Me

LiteracyMilestoneAI've been sharing a few of Baby Bookworm's milestones on her pathway to literacy here on my blog. Last night she picked up a new picture book that I hadn't even read yet, and ran her fingers over the title. She said: "A ... H ... H ... A .... I. Ah Ha." And sure enough, with the exception of the fact that she thought that the exclamation point was an i, she was reading the title of Jeff Mack's upcoming picture book from Chronicle: Ah Ha!.

Now, I'm pretty sure her babysitter had read her the book earlier, so it's not like she was actually sounding out the words from scratch. She was remembering them. But still. She read the letters, and knew that they made up the words of the title, and read it aloud to me. I was pleased. And, of course, we promptly sat down to read the book.  

Has your family experienced any milestones on the path to literacy lately? 

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