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Growing Bookworms Newsletter: July 31

Have You Been Reading Aloud This Summer?

DontForgetAs I mentioned earlier this month, I've been supporting Read Aloud's campaign to "Seize the Summer" by reading aloud to kids for at least 15 minutes every day. Read Aloud has been sharing messages like the one shown here on Facebook and Twitter throughout the month. 

Today's message is:

When Reading Aloud, Don't Foget To Point Out the Interesting Stuff. 

I think that's good advice. Reading with kids is about much more than just following along with the words on the page. Reading together at its best is an active, shared experience. Picture books are full of amusing details that never make it into the text, and/or complement the text. Books for older kids may or may not have pictures, but they are usually chock full of connections to real life. If all you do is read the text printed on the page, you miss out on many opportunities for strengthening bonds and making connections. 

But the bottom line is that if you Seize the Summer and find time to read with your child you will be giving your child long-term literacy benefits. You'll also be giving your child and yourself wonderful experiences to enjoy now and remember later. Summer is fading fast, but it's not too late to find time to Read Aloud

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