Growing Bookworms Newsletter: July 31
News Release: 2013 Amelia Elizabeth Walden Book Award Winner Announced

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: August 2

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter recently @JensBookPage (actually over the past two weeks).

Book Lists and Awards

Newest post in So You Want to Read Middle Grade from Naomi Kinsman @greenbeanblog #kidlit

Book list: Teen Girl Sleuths to Read While You're Waiting for Veronica Mars movie from @catagator @bookriot

RT @CarrieGelson: Shared some new wordless favourites on my blog. Love the potential wordless books hold.

A list for me! Beth Revis' Top Ten Modern YA Science Fiction novels @bkshelvesofdoom #yalit

Quite a useful book list: 21 Picture Books with Diverse Characters from @momandkiddo #kidlit

Top 10 books for new kindergarteners from @darshanakhiani #kidlit

The 2013 Eisner Awards. Congratulations to team Babymouse @jenniholm + @mattholm via @tashrow #kidlit

Book List: Outer Space Picture Books for preschoolers from @bookblogmomma #kidlit

Growing Bookworms

Your kids are watching you watch TV | Sound It Out by Joanne Meier | @ReadingRockets

Some excellent points from Jules at 7-Imp in response to a mom who admits finding read aloud drudgery

Who Should Teach our Kids to Read? How and why parents should inspire love of reading @essentialkids via @librareanne

Great stuff! How to excite boys about school and learning? from @TrevorHCairney #literacy

Delightful! 12 Signs You're Raising a Reader from @momandkiddo #kidlit #literacy


The July Carnival of Children's Literature is now available at proseandkahn #kidlit

Quite a resource from @bkshelvesofdoom | MASTER LIST: Book Recommendation Engines.


Such fun! @lochwouters describes Library Camp-out with reading tents

An ode to libraries from @utalaniz @NerdyBookClub

On Books, Reading, and Writing

A post sure to evoke the sympathy of readers everywhere: A Life Without Reading by @frankisibberson @NerdyBookClub

Must-read thoughts on writing "Big Stories" on topics that matter from Tanita Davis

Well worth reading from @catagator at Stacked: Fat is not a disability: It's a book deal breaker #yalit

Fear of the 'other' - How books can help develop understanding by @TrevorHCairney #kidlit #literacy

Nice summary of some plagiarism issues at Original Content: Scraping--A Huge Black Eye For Self-publishing?

How do you feel about spoilers in your reading and viewing? @lizb has some thoughts, and some questions

Law firm admits leaking Rowling's Galbraith identity. I personally wish they had waited til there were more books out

Programs and Research

Great #literacy news: @RIFWEB and Macy's Give Away 10 Million Books via @PWKidsBookshelf #BeBookSmart

Boy would I have loved the Thalia Book Club Camp when I was a kid. Great summary by @medinger #kidlit

RT @PublisherLunch: #plnws Psychology Study Says Bookstore Shoppers (In Belgium) Browsed and Bought More When Air Was Chocolate-Scented

Summer Reading

RT @tashrow Seven ways to inspire your kids’ summer reading | Fox News #reading

Let’s avoid the “summer slide” (cont.) — Summer reading tips #8-13 from @aliposner #literacy

RT @ReadAloud_org: Grow your child's knowledge this summer. #readaloud

The Summer Reading Flowchart: Young Adult Books! [Infographic] | via @randomlyreading #yalit

Teaching and Preparation for School

Thoughts from @frankisibberson on That First Read Aloud of the School Year.... #kidlit #literacy

8 Ways to Ease Kindergarten Anxiety from @CoffeeandCrayon

Why teachers should read more children's books | @Guardian via @100scopenotes #literacy

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