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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: November 1

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage.

Book Lists and Awards

Have you checked back in at Jean Little Library's Read Scary? A collection of links to scary book review from Oct

The @NYTimes picks for 2013 10 Best Illustrated Children’s Books via @tashrow

The latest So You Want to Read Middle Grade booklist @greenbeanblog is from Julie Jurgens #kidlit

Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2013 Shortlist | @tashrow #kidlit

Some good choices | 5 Series You Probably Missed as a Kid (But Should Read as an Adult) The Millions #kidlit

Spooky Stories recommended by @RIFWEB for Halloween #kidlit

Our Top Ten Favorite Dogs From Children's Picture Books from @BooksBabiesBows #kidlit

Birds in Children's Literature: 35 Great Books to Read (0-12 years) from @TrevorHCairney #kidlit

Growing Bookworms

"Neil Gaiman has decided it’s time for us to create a new Halloween tradition called, All Hallow’s Read" @CHRasco

Unusual analogy from @ReadingWithBean, your child's library as a kitchen of books #literacy

Last Minute #Kidlit themed Halloween Costumes from @read4keeps

Kidlitosphere and KidLitCon

Kate at Author Of . . . hosts the October Carnival of Children's Literature, including a section on #kidlitcon

KidlitCon2013As you prepare for #KidLitCon, how about some #YAlit Reads set in Austin from Stacked

A post from @SheilaRuth for #Kidlitcon attendees!, with homework (!) (And if you aren't registered yet, why not?)

#KitlitCon and Blogging Middle Grade @book_nut "It's worth your time and money. Promise."

Post by @catagator "I love #KidLitCon + I love Austin + I'm excited to connect with old friends and meet new ones."

The #KidLitCon presentations have been announced... says @bkshelvesofdoom

Press Release Fun: Books About Bullying, a Google+ Hangout — @fuseeight

On Reading, Writing, and Publishing

This doesn't surprise me: Social media boosts YA sales | @TheBookseller via @PWKidsBookshelf

I just don't get this: A Library of Classics, Edited for the Teething Set - @NYTimes via @PWKidsBookshelf

Random House Acquires Figment Online Teen Writing Community | @sljournal @RandomHouseKids

Thoughts from @catagator at Stacked: On Book Packagers and Literary Development Companies #yalit

Bridget Jones, Allegiant, and Fans — @lizb "I’ll repeat: It’s OK to be disappointed (by how a book ends)"

Programs and Research

Toddlers take to smartphones and tablets; kids 0 to 8 years old watching less TV, survey shows @mercurynews

Fun! NYC Hosts “Encyclopedia Brown Day” to Celebrate Series’ 50th Anniversary | @sljournal

Schools and Libraries

RT @tashrow A Library By The Highway Serves As Billboard For Reading, Learning, Exploration #libraries

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