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Literacy Milestone: The Search for Story

LiteracyMilestoneAMy daughter had what I thought was a tiny literacy milestone last night. She picked up the Berenstains' B Book, a "Bright & Early Book" that came to us as a hand-me-down. She flipped through it herself, and then asked me to read it. It's basicially a bunch of words and cumulative rhymes in which all of the words start with "B". In truth, it's the sort of book over which a sleep-deprived parent will find herself nodding.  

Anyway, we got to the end of the book and Baby Bookworm said: "Let's read another book. That one didn't have much story" (or something to that effect). This is the first time I've seen her consciously aware of whether a book contained a story, or just other things (vocabulary, pictures, etc.). 

And so we picked up another book. Because I am one to reward the search for story. Not to say that we won't seek out nonfiction in the future (there's a certain Pinkalicious Cupcake Book that my daughter is fascinated by). And of course much nonfiction does have story, in spades. The point is that I think it's important to be able recognize what is and isn't a story. Seeking out more personally satisfying stories is certainly a development along the path to becoming a reader. 

We also watched the movie Wall-E this weekend, my daughter's first viewing. I was pleased to note that she had no problem staying engaged during that first part of the movie, when essentially no dialog takes place. She needed us to explain what was happening, but she didn't need the movie itself to have words. I doubt she would have stayed still if there hadn't been a good story, though. 

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