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One More Pre-KidLitCon Post

National Family Literacy Day and Scholastic's SPOTLIT Collection

Did you know that November 1st is National Family Literacy Day? The idea is to focus on activities and events that showcase the importance of family literacy programs. Like these:

The folks at Scholastic are releasing infographics related to their new SPOTLIT initiative. SPLOTLIT is a "collection of children’s books (50 books per grade level - Pre-K through middle school) approved and hand-picked by a committee of 27 experts (professors, teachers, librarians, etc.)." I've seen the list of experts, and will share that link when Scholastic publishes it on their site. I certainly think that they did a great job. 

You can view the SPOTLIT collection books here. The Preschool list contains many of my family's favorites (like Blueberries for Sal, above). 

Scholastic says that SPLOTLIT is:

  • "The place to find guaranteed great reads hand-picked by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the fields of education and children's books
  • A collection of original, re-readable, memorable, diverse, appealing, and inspiring books for all sorts of kids in preschool through middle school
  • Expert-selected, kid-tested, stick-with-you-even-after-the-last-page books for today's readers"

Here is an infographic showing the connection between SPLOTLIT titles and the major literary awards:

You can find several other related infographics, including one that highlights the range of animal protagonists in the books, on Scholastic's website

Redlabl-logoHow will you celebrate National Family Literacy Day? I'm celebrating right now, in a way, by listening to my daughter request read-aloud after read-aloud from her babysitter. I also plan to have a marathon read-aloud session with Baby Bookworm tonight. We were too tired to read at all last night, after trick-or-treating. Tomorrow we'll be going to the library. Because, really, every day is family literacy day, as far as I'm concerned. Or, as Scholastic says, Read Every Day, Live a Better Life. Sounds right to me. 

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